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Obstacles you must overcome to learn a new language.

01/08/2019, Tapscott Science

Learning a new language often becomes a rather complex task. However, we must think that the obstacles that we are encountering in the process are surmountable, and that as we overcome them, we will be closer to our challenge, and therefore our level of satisfaction will increase. Motivation is very important to achieve our challenge.

Below we detail some obstacles that you will encounter and that you will have to overcome when learning a new language.

  • Recognition of sounds.
  • The recognition of sounds is very difficult when it comes to learning a new language. The intonation and the sound with which we transmit certain words can be vital to be able to speak in a new language. As we progress in our challenge, our hearing and the way we express ourselves will improve little by little.

  • Shortage of contents.
  • Before learning a language, it is important to make sure you have the information and the necessary means to acquire a basic level of the language.

  • Our degree of motivation
  • It is important to have an initial motivation before starting the challenge. But it is even more important that our motivation be increased throughout the process.

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