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Below we detail the steps to follow to begin using our program.

Once you have made the payment successfully through our website, you will receive an email where you will have the software license. This email is sent at the moment we receive the payment, so if you see that it takes you to receive it, check your SPAM folder, because you may have it there.

Then you must create your account from this url https://tapscottscience.com/apk/en/signup.html. It is important that you use the email with which you have purchased. The password must remember it, since then it will serve you to enter the program.


Now is the time to enter the program to begin your learning process. You can access from this url https://tapscottscience.com/apk/en/login.html, using the email and the password that you inserted in the previous page.


You are already in the Tapscott Method program, now you can click on the language you have purchased, and you will see the levels unlocked in order to begin your learning. Select the level you want to start with and start with your lesson!


The program will show you an image and a phrase / word to learn. You should write it according to what you think should be the correct translation. Only when you are clear about what the translation is, you will have to click on the "Answer" button so that the program will show you the correct answer. You also have the option of listening through the audio, the word, in order to imitate its pronunciation. And also see how it can be used within a sentence.


Just below you will see three buttons of different colors to show the rating of your answer. At this time you can move to the next lesson card. When you have finished the 12 answers, the program will show you your grade for the lesson.

You can make the lessons as many times as you want. Our program has hundreds of exercises. In a very short time you will see how your vocabulary gets richer and you will easily learn the different pronunciations.

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