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Which languages are the most difficult to learn?

01/08/2016, Tapscott Science

Today, learning languages other than one's own has become a necessity. Our society is becoming more prepared and is much more competitive, so we must be aware of the need to speak different languages. The difficulty of learning a new language depends on several factors, such as our motivation in the face of the new challenge, the time we can dedicate to it, the resources available to us, etc. Below we detail the 5 languages, which today People consider that they are harder to learn.

It took 3 years to find a method to acquire verbal and written fluency of a foreign language in just 14 days.


This language has more than ten thousand different characters and two phonetic alphabets with a hierarchical grammar.


Chinese is based on 20,000 graphic symbols that can change their meaning depending on the thickness of the characters. It also has more than 50,000 ideograms with different pronunciations, which is why the linguistic experts consider them the most difficult of all.


The difficulty of this language is mainly in pronunciation. It has a large number of letters and graphic signs that vary in meaning.


It is one of the least spoken languages in the world, so if you decide to learn it you can open many doors. Its difficulty is the verbs have two conjugations and each sentence different intonations.


This language has a very complicated calligraphy, beginning because the language is written from right to left. Each of its words has three levels of plurality and a phonetic that changes depending on the dialect.

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