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Most demanded languages to work according to the sector.

01/08/2016, Tapscott Science

Nowadays it is clear that at least a second language is needed to be competitive in the workplace. And it is also clear that the more languages you master, the more competitive you will be. So below we detail which languages are the most demanded depending on the sector in which you work.

  • Mechanical and electrical engineers: English and German.
  • Finance, sales and marketing: English and German.
  • New technologies and communications: English and German.
  • Health: English, German and French.

The language most in demand today is still English but we must take into account where we focus our professional career to decide which language would be interesting to learn.

With our Method you can start acquiring new languages and expand your professional projection in a very short time, since we guarantee that in only 14 days you will have verbal and written fluency of the language you select.

The TapScott method has as one of its bases the rule of total synchronization of the brain (Whole Brain Synchronization). Thanks to this you will get to memorize phrases for life. These effects on language learning are obtained by the use of adequate stimulation of both sight and hearing.

First Fastcards awaken the neurotransmitters "asleep" responsible for the transmission of stimuli of sight or hearing to the brain. The more neurons are activated, the faster the synapses (the connections between neuronal cells) will transmit the acquired information to our memory complex. The reinforced synaptic wires that permanently connect with the neurons, allow the rapid transmission of nerve impulses, stimulating at the same time the two hemispheres of the brain. This means improving concentration in a sustainable way and accelerating the learning process.

As a result of the use of Fastcards, our brain easily improves its memory capabilities - building the so-called neural road from the synaptic connections .. It is it that allows us to transmit information to our brain at an accelerated pace. Thanks to it we remain concentrated for a longer time, we do not forget the information once it is assimilated and we quickly memorize the new messages. This is especially important for people who have problems with vocabulary retention, often distracted and barely maintaining attention.

On the basis of this discovery they developed the TapScott teaching method. The ability to absorb information in comfortable conditions, without the participation of third parties and the need to keep pace with the group, also encourages the process of acquiring foreign languages.

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