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TapScott Method, the new formula of TapScott of scientific language learning in 2 weeks

01/08/2016, Tapscott Science

Tapscott, middle-aged polyglot, speaks fluently 23 languages and has presented to the Spanish his famous formula of learning in a few weeks. It allows in just a short time to master the material equivalent to one year of language course. The Canadian polyglot method challenges traditional language academies.

Already 75,000 Spaniards abandoned the ineffective and boring methods of learning languages and joined Tapscott. Now you can, no matter your age or training, because in 2 weeks you can enjoy the surprise reflected in the eyes of your family, friends and colleagues. When you hear how well you speak English, German or French, you will not believe that you have only been learning for 2 weeks.

It took 3 years to find a method to acquire verbal and written fluency of a foreign language in just 14 days.

It is always a good time to speak a new foreign language. You can check it already in 2 weeks you will notice changes in your daily life. You will begin to speak without problems in a language in only 14 days of learning. Quietly you will understand news in foreign press, you will sharpen your hearing and you will improve notably the pronunciation of the language. You will get the admiration of family members and the respect of bosses and coworkers.

How the Tapscott machine learning formula works.

Tapscott included his formula of 2 weeks in a system of interactive Fastcards, the only one that makes the process of memorizing faster and more effective, because it takes advantage of 100% of your natural intellectual capacities.

Traditional methods of learning languages ​​do not use even a small percentage of your remembering and associating skills. In principle do not take advantage of these cognitive processes because they stimulate only a small part of the brain structures. The Interactive Fastcards system is based on the "FE Executive Function" by Muriel Lezak . It makes use of 100% of the capacities that you already have, but they are well hidden in the hemispheres of your brain. The formula of 2 weeks of automatic language learning Fastcards activates both cerebral hemispheres at the same time. The verbal and auditory message reaches the left hemisphere and the simultaneous comprehension reaches the right. The brain works 5 times faster than normally. This in turn increases cognitive abilities, the ability to memorize new words and associate them with their meanings in Spanish. That's why the associations created are stronger and your brain memorizes new words in a natural and almost automatic way.

The formula of 2 weeks is very intensive

After the first day of use of the Fastcards you will know about 200 new words. Within a week you will notice a considerable difference in your vocabulary. It will be much broader and more diversified. After 2 weeks you will see a much higher mental agility in the vocabulary and you will start to speak without stress. You will notice how you begin to speak fluently and fluently.

After a month you will speak English, German or any other chosen language as if you were learning it more than a year ago.

If you do not get it, you can (and should!) Use the special Tapscott warranty. We will refund your money for the Fastcards game without asking questions.

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